Network Management

Network Management Services for MSP's and Other Value Added Resellers

VAR MSP Today, organizations rely on their network, yet the network goes unnoticed most of the time. Networking infrastructure is an integral component of any of any business operation, but is not really appreciated or understood by the majority of the businesses. Users are very aware of any network failures that occur but no one wants to invest too much money into preventing these failures before they occur. This lack of investment puts pressure on a network and network failures which can result in huge damages, very high costs and difficulty in fixing, especially in case of security failures.

Quatrro can monitor and manage your client's network and ensure that all the devices and network links operate without any technical issues. We have a team of network management professionals who can measure the utilization and performance of devices connected to the network. In addition, Quatrro conducts proactive network testing that prevents network failure and disruption.

Key Benefits for Your Clients:

  • Network management with visibility to availability, performance and fault monitoring
  • Access to network devices using SNMP
  • Automated reporting & alerts for fault and threshold breach & utilization
  • Centralized Switch Port & IP Address management
  • Single platform for Wi-Fi service management
  • Perform client Network Assessment for SWOT analysis

Quatrro Value Proposition for Managed Service Providers

  • Increase ARPU and Customer Satisfaction
  • Decrease cost of support for your products (Level 1 to Level 4)
  • Extend service offering to increase retention and stickiness
  • Provide On-Demand 24/7 services with high Quality-of-Service (QOS)
  • Monetize Out-Of-Scope issues while reducing costs
  • Increase customer touch points
  • Private label premium support services at $0 cost
  • Strengthen relations and the loyalty of your customers

Network Management Services – Service Descriptions

Network Management Services

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