"After evaluating a number of options to improve our fiscal department, we turned to Quatrro in 2009. We had serious program/operational concerns, cash flow issues along with a lack of understanding on using the advanced accounting software we had purchased. Quatrro provided the technical expertise to strengthen our accounting operations and has the flexibility and resources to streamline and integrate the accounting functions for our budgeting and program decision making process.
The CFO assigned to us proactively educated the organization on key compliance practices/controls, including program audit guidelines and fiscal policies. Quatrro has a reputation for interpreting complex IRS and accounting regulations into laymen's terms while offering sound recommendations. Our fiscal position has improved and we had dramatic growth in our Net Assets as a result of improved fiscal efficiencies.We consider Quatrro as a valuable partner and wise sounding board for any and all of our fiscal concerns as we continue to grow our organization."
- Harold Rice, Jr., Executive Director & CEO Albany Park Community Center
"We are very pleased with our decision to partner with Quatrro as our outsourced accounting provider. They have a dedicated and efficient team who were able to complete my implementation within 3 weeks from the day we finalized the purchase of our restaurants. Their timely delivery of our financial statements has allowed us to make informed decisions and react quickly to make any necessary changes."
- Carlos Sarria, Managing Owner (former VP Company Operations-BK Europe)
"We use Quatrro for accounting and bill paying. Their service is fantastic. It’s a pleasure to work with Quatrro because they understand the grocery business, not just the numbers the business produces. They drill down on specific issues and are able to compare your store performance to others in the industry. And they are quick to point out when you are doing something right!"
- Thriftway multi-location store owner
“By partnering with Quatrro as our preferred accounting provider, we have together been able to develop a fully-integrated technology solution to improve our service levels and timeliness of reporting to our store owners. We're in the business of selling automotive related products, not accounting services.”
- Treg Brown, Vice President, Planning & Acquisitions, Genuine Parts Company
"We contracted with Quatrro and handed them a seriously flawed accounting system. A month and a half later, they had us ready to present a credible budget to our Board. One year later, the budgeting process is far easier than it has been. It is the basis for better planning and control than we have ever had, and provides a great deal of comfort for those of us who live with numbers."
- Board Chairman of youth organization
"We rely on Quatrro to help us get to where we need to be with our financial processing. Running a profitable business that attracts repeat customers is up to us."
- Midwest multi-location restaurant franchisee
“To succeed in your business, you have to determine your core competencies and focus your time and energy on your own core business and operational metrics. Our interest is in driving the operational excellence of our restaurants, not handling the burdensome accounting tasks. We serve hot and fresh food with fast and friendly service in clean and safe restaurants. We rely on Quatrro to get where we need to be with our financial processing.”
- Joe Langteau, President & CEO, ACG Texas, LP
"Quatrro came to our attention, based on several of our franchisees recommendations. They have dedicated the times and resources necessary to understand our needs and issues specific to our franchisee system. Most providers do not commit the resources to do this. They are very proactive in finding and recommending solutions and in providing the resources necessary to service our needs."
- National Foodservice Co-op
“Our project implementation and transition was quite smooth. Quatrro always responded well whenever there was an issue to be sorted out.”
- Levi Strauss & Co.
“I’m very pleased with the way Quatrro has handled the relationship with our store. Because their staff is familiar with our business, they are able to help us interpret our data and identify trends, and they respond when we need additional information. The current economic climate has presented us with many challenges for controlling costs and maintaining profitability. The experienced staff has provided us with ideas and recommendations that have contributed greatly to helping us protect our bottom line. I would highly recommend Quatrro for their professionalism, efficiency and affordability.”
- Mike Rothwell, Owner, Pennington Quality Market
“We have partnered with Quatrro since 2009, and could not be more pleased. The team they have assigned to manage our account has been very professional and always willing to help. They have been a great asset in allowing us the ability to manage our business in a much more efficient manner than was ever possible in the past.
Specifically their QConnect program has allowed us to review P&L's much easier with the ability to drill down to the actual invoice. When doing our financial review we are now able to have answers immediately instead of having to sort through a stack of paperwork to locate a hard copy of the invoice. We are also now able to review P&L's on a weekly basis resulting in fewer issues when the preliminary monthly P&L is delivered. By reviewing the weekly P&L's, especially near month end, this has helped us eliminate any surprises when we receive the P&L's. Quatrro has been able to provide our final P&Ls several days earlier than we were getting in the past, therefore, allowing us to close out the month end sooner.”
- James Junkin – SONIC Corporation, President, DL Rogers Corporation
“It’s very important to us to engage partners and service providers we can trust to understand our business and develop solutions aligned with our goals. As a large franchised system, we communicate the availability of attractive service providers to all franchisees. Quatrro has dedicated the time and resources necessary to understand our needs and the issues specific to our franchisee system. They have been proactive in finding and recommending solutions, and in providing the resources necessary to serve our needs.”
"I've always been pleased with Quatrro because their people are very supportive and are always willing to listen. Their accountant also takes the initiative and calls us with her questions or suggestions. I also feel that Quatrro understands our needs as an independent store. For example, the layout of their reports is easy to follow and works well with Auto Parts Industry."
- Lynn Waterman, McKinney, Texas