Enabling a large regional VAR to transform


managed services Our client is one of the largest regional Value Added Resellers (VAR) offering computer hardware products to its customers. They became an IBM business partner in the 1995. They have more than 25 years of experience in delivering core technologies to companies throughout the United States with the latest technology developments from one of the best names in the industry.

For our client, one-time sales was making it hard for them to predict their business, staffing and cash flow needs. Revenue is usually cyclical, with high peaks, and valleys that created various operational challenges. Market evolutions, as well as the introduction of public cloud, was also causing our client to rethink their go-to-market strategy. As a result, our client decided to add to their hardware-only sales model and move towards a Managed Services Provider (MSP) model. They wanted to move from a traditional break fix business model to one that receives monthly recurring revenues from managed services.

The client’s sales team was more used to selling products, and was not equipped with compelling offer details to sell managed services. Also, as our client's business is a product- centric business, their marketing was predominantly based on the vendor’s products they sell and aligned with. In addition to this, our client didn’t want to incur the cost of hiring and retraining additional resources.

Our client realized that they required the expertise of a knowledgeable partner that could help them complete the transformation from a VAR to MSP. After a detailed due diligence process, the client chose Quatrro as its trusted advisor to complete this transformation effort quickly and with utmost efficiency.

OUR SOLUTION Quatrro was identified and vetted as a viable partner and proceeded to perform a detailed gap analysis to help the VAR understand areas that would need to be addressed to support the transformation to MSP. Quatrro provided strategic solutions to over 24 identified gaps in the client’s As-Is state; such as, no consolidated customer portal for all incoming incidents and service requests, no professional services automation software, no coverage for service desk and inadequate trained resources. Quatrro was able to bridge these gaps through a customized solution that included the following:

  • Complete insight to overall processes to support the partner’s clients.
  • Partner-branded self-help portal for end users, wherein they can login and create/track their incidents and requests.
  • 24/7/365 coverage for service desk with availability of Tier 1 and Tier 2 resources with ability to scale up and down on the basis of the partner’s forecast

Initially, Quatrro supported the partner’s sales team with joint sales calls to assist in solution selling the managed services to their customers. Quatrro’s transformation process included approximately 90 days of hands on support for pre-sales, creating SOW and onboarding.

Quatrro has successfully helped this client transition from being a VAR to a MSP, allowing them to focus time on growing their business and revenues with new premium managed services. In addition, Quatrro has initiated various quality improvement projects to ensure faster turnaround times and achievement of the agreed upon Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

Key values delivered to the client includes:

  • Enhanced ARPU and Customer Satisfaction
  • Scalable, flexible and cost-effective model
  • Effective resource utilization through automation and elimination of overhead costs
  • Availability of certified engineers with deep technical knowledge base and expertise as/when needed
  • Expanded portfolio of services
  • Better use of internal resources and skill sets

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