Overcoming Challenges: The Complexity of Being an MSP

The life of an MSP has never been easy and it’s not getting any easier in the future. The challenges continue to escalate as technology rushes forward. Because of new work processes, MSP owners find themselves struggling to meet their clients’ needs while balancing their own internal goals and remaining profitable. Also, MSP’s need to meticulously control inventory management, knowledge, costs, patching, as well as access and security. In order to remain competitive, MSPs must anticipate innovations in technology and shifts in industry standards.

In this blog, we will uncover 3 most common challenges hindering MSP growth

  • 1. Owners Focus in the Business Rather Than on the Business
    MSP owners often wear multiple hats in providing technical support to their clients. They usually enjoy the technical details of running their business and want to make sure that it succeeds, so they dig into the details more often than not. However, being overly involved can hurt the business growth if not enough time is spent on strategic planning and direction. To avoid finding themselves in this position, MSPs need to master the task of delegating the day-to-day activities.

    Outsourcing is a great option for MSPs as it allows an owner to offload tasks such as ticketing, scripting and monitoring so that the burden of day-to-day IT management is reduced, allowing them to focus on more important business initiatives that will lead to growth

  • 2. Overseeing Costs and Billing
    Managing costs comes down to a number of factors that include: keeping up-to-date with customer-side changes, proper resource deletion, customer coordination and visibility of customer accounts. Billing is usually a big hassle for MSPs with multiple accounts. It is important for an MSP to optimize its administrative structure to handle cloud provider accounts. There is a high potential for confusion and delayed payment if the charges shown on a cloud service console and the MSP invoices don’t match.

    Dedicated teams to oversee costs and billing ensures these problems don’t lead to a lack of trust between the MSP and their customer

  • 3. Service Level Agreement Performance
    The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is the promise of delivery between the customer and the MSP. MSPs that don’t meet minimum SLA’s will be found in breach of contract which could result in the MSP incurring heavy penalties. Setting up management controls with a good knowledge base for every ticket scenario is an important part of ensuring SLA’s can be properly met on a consistent basis.

    Overcoming the challenges outlined above will mean the difference between whether an MSP remains competitive or fails. Balancing the costs and performance of the customer’s demand is the pivotal challenge to overcome.

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