Issues Faced by MSPs IT Support Teams & their Solutions

Being an MSP has never been easy. One of the biggest hurdles an MSP has to overcome is to find a way to gain the mindshare of their potential clients while maintaining the mindshare of the existing clients in an already competitive market.

Our experience has been that the answer is giving the best user experience possible to your customers backed by strong processes and reliability.

Achieving this is not easy! There always seems to be urgent tasks that need your undivided attention, like ensuring speed of deployments, meeting service level agreements (SLAs), and making sure that staff is performing optimally. We understand that between managing the time consuming, day-to-day, repetitive tasks, you feel pulled away from focusing on the strategic direction of the business. But, our question for you would be, don’t you think life is too short to waste it on doing repetitive tasks?

We are sure you would agree that the answer is, YES!

One of the leading IT solutions providers we work with had the same thought.  When they were facing challenges in handling the ongoing license management requests they receive in bulk every day from the large number of end-users they support, we offered them our white-labeled, centralized helpdesk services and created a tool in their ticketing system as a request manager.  This tool enables the client’s end-users to easily add and remove licenses any time of day. As a result, our client is now able to focus on the strategic activities of their business. This, in turn, resulted in a drastic increase in the sales and revenue for our client, helping them to achieve the business growth they were looking for.

Did you know??

In a recent study, it was found that the MSPs who leverage partnerships saw a 6% increase in their profits over those that chose to handle all tasks internally

It is always advisable to leverage partnerships that can help you to effectively and efficiently address day-to-day tasks enabling you to focus your and your team’s efforts on activities that will achieve your long-term goals.

Now, the big question is, who should you partner with?

When it comes to selecting the right solutions partner, it is imperative to do your research and choose a partner that is the best fit for your business. If the partner that you select is not a good fit, then it can lead to an increase in your problems rather than helping to solve them. You should look for a partner who can eliminate the day to day issues allowing you to focus on accelerating your go-to-market strategies, grow your customer mindshare, and create cross-sell/up-sell revenue opportunities. When you find the solution partner that can assist you in doing this, you will know you have found a true business partner that will want to help ensure your success!

In our upcoming blog series, we will talk about some of the other challenges that we hear about every day in our conversations with MSPs that they face in performing their day-to-day activities. Challenges such as:

  • 1. Incorrect Ticket Routing
  • 2. Consistently Meeting SLA Metrics for Client Satisfaction
  • 3. Windows 10 and the Perils of Patching
  • 4. Reactive vs. Proactive Approaches Towards Issue Resolution
  • 5. No Access to Automation Tools

Stay tuned to our blog series for more of our thoughts on these topics and more!

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