Incorrect Ticket Routing

In our previous blog, we discussed issues faced by MSP IT Support teams and their solutions. Also, we talked about 5 challenges that are faced by MSPs in performing their day-to-day activities. In this blog I will delve into detail about one of the most common challenges faced by MSPs which is Incorrect Ticket Routing.

As an MSP, the biggest task that your IT team can face some days is the endless helpdesk tickets they receive both from your clients and their internal co-workers. Consequently, the pressure on your team is to correctly route each ticket to the most suitable technician in order to speed the resolution. Most MSP’s that we encounter utilize a manual routing process for managing these tickets. The problem with doing manual routing is that the queries are not properly prioritized or they are not passed to the best person who has the appropriate skill set to deal with such queries. This can lead to a delay in solving the inquiry or request which can disrupt the entire ticket ecosystem and ultimately even lead to customer or employee dissatisfaction.

One of our MSP clients was facing this very challenge. They used to receive a large volume of ticket requests everyday so it was becoming difficult for them to manage all the tickets. The tickets were not routed based on who was the most suitable person for the job and because of this the technicians were taking more time to resolve the problems than was needed. As a result, our client was not able to meet their SLAs which was resulting in a lot of their clients moving to their competitors.

So what’s the way out?

How can you mitigate these challenges?

The answer to this question is adoption of Workflow Automation.

Workflow automation is now quickly becoming an industry standard, and IT support teams within MSPs have started to adopt these changes. With standardized and automated workflows, you are able to own the issue resolution for your clients. Workflow standardization and automation will drastically reduce the turnaround times (TAT) for issue resolution thereby enabling you to meet client SLAs and ensure client satisfaction.

In our case study noted above, Quatrro was able to provide the ticketing tool with workflow automation integrated for our client which allowed them to turn around their negative SLA achievement trends and drive customer satisfaction back up as well!

In the next blog, I will delve into detail about the second challenge faced by MSP IT Teams – i.e. ‘Consistently meeting the metrics of SLA’.

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